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Get your GROOVE on with Laurie!

Oct 7th, 2018 | Category: Contests

Get your GROOVE on with Laurie!

Laurie Hernandez is passionate about:

Family, gymnastics, helping others, improving at EVERYTHING, spreading joy and…MUSIC!

Music is an extremely important part of Laurie’s life. Music helps her decompress, train, compete, express herself creatively and get max enjoyment out of life!

The top 4 fundraisers, minimum $100, between Sunday, October 7 and 11:59 pm Thursday, October 11 will meet privately with Laurie to share their favorite jams, find out what Laurie likes to listen to and go in-depth on today’s music scene! Make sure to bring your phone with your favorite song to play!

PLUS: Each winner gets a pair of “Reach for Your Star” Laurie Hernandez earbuds, stored in a carrying case which Laurie will autograph!

Thank you for fundraising for St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital and new equipment for our gym.

  • Isis Cruse: $310.00
  • Brielle St.Vil: $225.00
  • Sara Paternoster: $100.00
  • Kaylee Murphy: $100.00

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